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Sedation Dentistry in Austin,  TX

Make your transformation from dull to dazzling with a beautiful new smile in just two short appointments! Our porcelain veneers will leave you feeling confident.

Experience a relaxing and comfortable appointment

Don’t Go Through a Stressful Dental Experience

We understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience. Whether you have had a traumatic experience or general anxiety regarding dental care, Dr. Lewis is here to ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable appointment. Our office offers two options for sedation dentistry so you can relax during your visit.

Let Us Help You Give Your Smile an Upgrade

Get a customized solution to straighten and correct your teeth.

Our porcelain veneers are a perfect way to get your smile looking its best. Transform up to ten teeth in the upper arch of your mouth – all at once! Hand-crafted and personalized, we can customize each part of your new look for an unbearably beautiful result. Each one is made of thin layers of porcelain and bonded to the front of a single tooth.

Types of Dental Sedation and Anesthetics


Nitrous oxide, also known as “happy gas,” is a light inhalation sedation that can be administered to reduce sensitivity and help you relax during dental procedures. Breathe in the sedative while wearing a soft, small mask over your nose. Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting anesthetic that wears off quickly and allows you to drive yourself home.

Topical Numbing

Sometimes, you need a little topical numbing gel on your gums to avoid discomfort. Many dentists use topical anesthetic every day. Most dental offices have flavored jellies with ingredients similar to an oral numbing gel found in a drugstore. A dab of this jelly may be enough to prepare you for a very comfortable injection or when cleaning a sensitive tooth.


Improve Your Physical Comfort


Reduce Your Stress Levels


Enjoy Your Dental Experience

Get Sedation Dentistry for a More Comfortable Experience

Our Process

Schedule an Appointment

Our process begins with an initial visit where we combine gentle techniques with sedation to ensure your comfort.

Get a Treatment Plan

We offer two different types of sedation dentistry services so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Get a Beautiful Smile!

Dr. Lewis will meet with you to discuss the optimal solution for your individual needs and concerns, providing the best possible care.

Contact us to learn more about sedation dentistry and how it can help you enjoy a healthy and balanced smile for years to come.